Managed XL

Because You Need A Reliable Partner That Helps You Manage Your Ecom Business

You only have so many hours in a day

From creating your store, your products, your ads, to negotiating with your suppliers… there is only so much you can do yourself every day. So when the orders finally start rolling in, you will need people to help you get everything ready to grow and scale. 

Although everybody makes this sound easy, setting up workflows and managing your business will take more time than you may expect right now. And not just because of the team and  orders.

And then you have (un)happy customers

Managing the customer’s experience on your site, and handling their questions and complaints is a time consuming activity, so having good systems, procedures and workflows in place is a must to make sure you are not losing money you just made. Your team needs to find the balance between keeping the customer happy and the business healthy.

Oh... Did somebody say personalization?

If you are selling print on demand, you must have heard about how personalization is the next best thing since sliced bread. Yes it can be a very profitable business model, even when everyone already seems to be doing it.

Is it a simple business model? Yes.
Is it easy to do and will it instantly make you a boatload of money? No. 

You need to make sure your creation & fulfillment process and your (outsourced) team works like a charm, or it will be hard to get things done in time. And you don’t want unhappy customers!

"THe money is made in the backend"

You may have read this before and it is true. Acquiring new customers and get them to spend more without additional marketing expenses is a key element to your ecom success. But it has another meaning as well.

The backend is also known as the operations part of your business. Frontend most times refers to your marketing, sales and product creation, backend is about your store, your workflows, communication with your customers, suppliers,  freelancers and your in-house team, accounting, legal issues and different other administrative tasks. 

A lot of people fail to build an ecom business because  they mainly focus on the frontend and figure out too late the backend is a crucial element for long-term success. They may make money but don’t build a business.

Managed XL helps you set up the backend right

We Analyze Your Needs

We get together to find out where your business needs optimization and determine how long it would take us to get your requirements in place.

We Hire And Train Your Team

Finding and hiring the right people for your business is an important aspect. We bring in our own experienced team members to hire and train your team for your business.

We Handle Customer Service

Sometimes all it takes is a simple tweak to improve the customer experience. Sometimes you have to start over to get it right. Whichever it is, we got your back.

We Create Your Workflows

We optimize or recreate your workflows, address any bottlenecks you may have encountered and make sure things will run smoothly from there on.

We Manage Order Fulfillment

When the number of orders grows - espeically with personalized products - order fulfillment can be a big challenge. We'll make sure it won't be any longer.

We Leave When You're Ready

Yes we will. We're here to help you move forward, and once your business and team are optimized and things run smoothly, we will say goodbye... and we will miss you!

We will go public with our service in march 2020 for a select group of entrepreneurs

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